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Our projects are aimed at addressing social and economic disparities and, responding to Government’s Developmental Priorities. Our programmes are implemented within the following focus areas – Education, Health, Community Care, Environment, Arts & Culture, and Sport.

We look at the needs of the people we serve, and how our attention on our programs can better meet the needs of workforce development .


The Foundation imagines a world where it can scale up its investment to achieve more impactful results, driving development for the Third Sector, and becoming more effective and efficient cooperating with other entities.


The Foundation has adopted a broad based approach within areas where real needs exist, primarily in community care, educational endeavours and environmental initiatives. 


A fair and equitable approach to all enquiries is ensured, where prudent financial custodianship is expected of the beneficiary groups, with the Foundation providing guidance, governance and technical support, thus ensuring transparency and accountability of the parties.

Focus Areas

Our Projects

We work  with organizations that have the right combination of deep experience and bold thinking in our programme focus areas. These partnerships with committed problem-solvers are designed to grow and scale their work to create greater opportunities for children and families.


The Passport to the Future


The Greatest Wealth is Health

Community Care

Social Investment


A Good Planet is hard to find

Arts & Culture

Creativity takes Courage


Sport plays a pivtol role in the make up of  a healthy mind

Building  starts with a Foundation

Improving Lifes

Building Projects

We believe that every person should have access to well-built spaces where they can thrive

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