Commercial Advancement Training Scheme

Project  Overview:

The Commercial Advancement Training Scheme (CATS) is a twoyear programme providing dual training to both school leavers and employees wanting to further their professional careers. CATS is a registered section 21 company – not for gain. It is a private initiative by the Namibian industry and currently consists of 23 member companies.


CATS trainees are employed by one of the CATS member companies for two years. During this time they receive both practical and theoretical training. Practical training consists of on-the-job training at the company for four days a week, while another one and a half days are dedicated to theoretical training. On-the-job training means the trainee will rotate through different departments of the business under the guidance of a CATS mentor and supervisor. Theoretical training consists of education in business administration subjects by a training provider, currently the Polytechnic of Namibia.



Through support support from the Pupkewitz Foundation , ten candidates from Megabuild and Pupkewitz Motors Division form part of this initiative..


The pillars of the NDP5 which applies to this project under the Social Progression pillars – Harnessing the Demographic Dividends

Social Development

  • Youth Empowerement
  • Intergrate marginalized communities into mainstream

Human Capital Development

  • Social Progression
  • Basic Education
  • Technical/Vocational Education and Training

Environment and Climate Change

  • Strengthen Environmental protection
  • Promote environmentally sound investments and production systems.


Economic Progression:

Achieve, sustainable and equitable growth

  • Rural Economic Development
  • Enterprise Development