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Cota Youth Choir


Project Overview

The COTA Youth Choir, being composed of learners from various secondary schools in Windhoek, is regarded as being truly representative of the wide cultural diversity in Namibia. In 2009, as a very young choir, we managed to come third in the Namibian National Coral Festival against well-established choirs. In 2010, the choir became the first choir from Namibia to represent our country at the ATKV Animato Choir Competition Finals in Pretoria against choirs from all over South Africa. They returned victoriously as the winning choir of the competition, as well as Best Youth Choir and Best African Song performed.

In 2011, they again represent Namibia in the ATKV Animato Choir competition. The choir came second overall and received the price for the Best Prescribed Song. They also performed on invitation with Jannie Moolman, Lize Beeckman and Tobie Jooste in Windhoek. They released their second CD December 2011. The choir again received Gold on 9 June 2012 in the Animato Regional and represented Namibia in September 2012 in South Africa.

COTA visited the Bach Akademie in Stuttgart, Germany in 2012 and the two choirs performed Bach and Namibian Traditional music together. During the 2012 World Choir Games in Cincinnati USA, COTA received 2 Gold Awards, one each for the respective categories that they performed in: Mixed Youth Choirs and Folk. In the finale of the 2012 International Animato Competition in Cape Town, South Africa they received the prize for Best Contemporary Song.

The COTA Youth Choir’s repertoire includes Western music, both light and classical; contemporary choral music and traditional African and Namibian music. 2013’s highlight was the choir’s performance of the complete Bach Cantata nr 4 with the Windhoek Philharmonic Orchestra. They toured Europe in June 2014, on our way to the 2014 World Choir Games in Riga, Latvia. They performed in Bulgaria and Sweden before visiting Riga. During 2014 WCG in Riga the choir received three Gold Medals in the Championship for Scenic Folklore, Musica Sacra and Spiritual Categories, as well as silver in the Mixed Youth Choir Category.



Medals in the Championship for Scenic Folklore, Musica Sacra and Spiritual Contributed to Youth empowerment, empowering marginalised communities in Arts and Culture.



The pillars of the NDP5 which applies to this project under the Social Progression pillars – Harnessing the Demographic Dividends

Human Capital Development

  • Social Progression
  • Technical/Vocational Education and Training

Social Development

  • Youth Empowerement
  • Arts and Culture


Economic Progression:

Achieve, sustainable and equitable growth

  • Rural Economic Development
  • Enterprise Development