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covid-19 Response

Our Response

Over the past several months, The Pupkewitz Foundation and the Pupkewitz Group of Companies have focused on supporting the Namibian nation in their efforts to amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Recognizing a need for targeted support, the Foundation facilitated

Delivery System

A deep sense of benevolence and care for our community has always been core to how we do business at Pupkewitz, and it is our great pleasure to be of support to our country during a time of such need.

Our Mission

As COVID-19 accelerates into every corner of our nation, we find ourselves face-to-face with a challenge unlike any in our lifetimes. But rather than yield to fatalism and inertia, community after community in Namibia has begun to draw on deep reservoirs of the kind of courage, creativity, and fortitude that will be required to get to the other side. A foundation like Pupkewitz must do everything in its power to affirm, support, and fortify your resolve and enhance your capacity to endure and prevail.


Food Relief Programme

Reaching Out to Marganilized Groups

Nutritious Food distribution to vulnerable and marginalized communities, and data collection. The Pupkewitz Foundation as part of the COVID-19 pledge distribute food parcels in the different regions of Namibia. The N$ 1 million pledge has doubled, and N$ 750 000 was spent on food.

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