Endgame Media

Endgame Media

Project  Overview:

2013 – 2018

Endgame Media specializes in creating, riveting visual content and communication tools.

Be it for traditional broadcast television, corporate clients, the internet or a personal request to make a picture locked in the mind’s eye, come to life.

“I work with gifted, independent artists in digital media. I handpick my team per project.

And through the use of original drawings, digital stills, television cameras, words and music we share our skills.

We create visual stories with integrity, passion and courage – stories that move you.”


  • 2015: 1500 children viewed video – 6 schools visited,
  • 2016: 1697 children viewed video – 8 schools visited



The pillars of the NDP5 which applies to this project under the Social Progression pillars – Harnessing the Demographic Dividends

Social Development

  • Youth Empowerement
  • Intergrate marginalized communities into mainstream

Human Capital Development

  • Social Progression
  • Basic Education
  • Technical/Vocational Education and Training

Environment and Climate Change

  • Strengthen Environmental protection
  • Promote environmentally sound investments and production systems.


Economic Progression:

Achieve, sustainable and equitable growth

  • Rural Economic Development
  • Enterprise Development