Grant Programmes

Grant Programmes

The Pupkewitz Foundation supports a wide range of initiatives to strengthen the education, health, community, environment, arts and cultural heritage, and sport. Organizations in those fields can consult descriptions of the Foundation’s areas of grantmaking to determine whether a project fits within the Foundation’s programmatic interests and priorities.

Application and Inquiries Process

Prospective grantees should review program area guidelines before inquiring about grant support. Inquiries concerning a proposed grant should be made through the Foundation’s grantee portal. If Foundation staff find that the proposed grant fits within the Foundation’s grantmaking priorities, staff will invite a grant proposal through the portal. Once invited, grantees should be prepared to work closely with program staff in refining the proposal, often through multiple drafts. Based on the final proposal, program staff will determine whether to bring a grant recommendation to the Board of Trustees at one of its quarterly meetings (generally held in March, June, September, and December).


The Foundation requests that the grant is acknowledged in an appropriate and timely way, though we appreciate that how this is done will depend on the nature of the organisation and the project. For grants towards core costs then please include our name in your organisation’s accounts and in any newsletters or updates you may produce, including on your website. For Capital grants please include the foundation name and/or logo on your donor board.