Harold Pupkewitz

Business Leader

Harold Pupkewitz (14 July 1915 – 27 April 2012) was a Lithuanian born, Namibian entrepreneur and member of the President’s Economic Advisory Council. 

He was the Executive Chairman of Pupkewitz Holdings, a group of builders’ merchants, car sale businesses, and a host of other enterprises, from its foundation in 1946 until his death. Pupkewitz directed the boards of several important Namibian companies, among them NamPost, NamPower, Telecom Namibia, and MTC Namibia, and served as president of a number of high-profile political and economical institutions.

My Story


Harold Pupkewitz was born in Vilno Russian Empire, on 14 July 1915. He moved to South West Africa in 1925 together with his mother Anna and his two brothers, Morris and Julius. After completing secondary school at Windhoek High School in 1932 he went to Cape Town for further studies. He graduated from University of Cape Town in 1935 with a Bachelor of Commerce and stayed to work in Cape Town for two more years. While on a holiday in Windhoek in 1937, he decided to join the management of the family business, which at that time had developed from an ox wagon manufacturing enterprise to that of a general dealer, selling household wares and groceries. Pupkewitz has thus managed the Pupkewitz group of companies for 75 years, from 1937 to 2012.