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The Pupkewitz Foundation together with the Athletics Development Club hosted yet again another successful training camp in Swakopmund.

The training camp was held in preparation for the NSSU Nationals for 2021. Unfortunately, most of the youth athletes did not have any coaching and their results are based on pure talent. In order to futher improve the development of  these athletes, a three day training camp was conducted in Swakopmund.

We are thankful that some of the best coaches in the country were able to assist with the training camp and event. All of these coaches have already coached athletes at National and International level.

Sprints:                                     Ulla Finkeldey (The Dome – Swakopmund)

Long Jump/Triple Jump       Luke Allen (Athletics Development Coach – Walvisbay)

Shot Put                                         Yolandi Boshoff (Pierre Blignaut Academy – Grootfontein)

Discus                                             Hennie Boshoff (Pierre Blignaut Academy – Grootfontein)

High Jump                                    Hennie Horn (Athletics Development Coach – Swakopmund)

Fitness                                            Erenstine Gom-Khaises (The Dome – Swakopmund )

Fitness                                            Zidane (Athletics Development Coach – Swakopmund)

Javelin                                            Christine van der Linde (QSB-Club – Windhoek)


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