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Strategy, learning, and evaluation are at the core of who we are at the Pupkewitz Foundation. Our strategy, learning, and evaluation department plays a central role in being a strategically driven organization in persuing a  strategic enterpise by providing actionable information that helps inform decision-making about individual grants as well as overall strategy. We are dedicated to learning not only from our own grantmaking, but also with and from our grantees and partners in the field. Through a strategic approach to learning, we can develop stronger long-term plans and strategies to achieve the greatest impact.


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Assessing our Knowledge Endowment

The Pupkewitz’s strategic learning, research and evaluation practice includes real-time learning by drawing on the full suite of philanthropic tools, thought leadership, and the use of data and insights from a variety of research approaches — including evaluation — to inform decision-making about strategy.

Through measurement, we are be able to improve overall program performance, both of the organizations we support and of the way in which they deliver resources.