Education Indaba


Project Overview

The Teacher Education Indaba aims to highlight key issues in teacher education and training with a focus on latest innovations, trends, practical concerns and challenges facing teacher preparation both nationally and globally. The Indaba will provide recommendations and suggest possible short and long term changes to strengthen the current teacher training programmes in Namibia.



Efforts to improve quality teacher preparation began with the development and publication of the policy development brief, entitled “Toward Education for All”, which stipulates the rationale and nature of the teacher education in independent Namibia. The Basic Education Teacher Diploma (BETD) was introduced to mitigate the challenges of teacher preparation in the independent Namibia. A number of teacher policies and initiatives were introduced in pursuit for quality teacher preparation and development. Since improving teacher quality is one of the most challenging goals of education reform, the quest for quality teacher preparation continues.



The pillars of the NDP5 which applies to this project under the Social Progression pillars – Harnessing the Demographic Dividends

Social Development

  • Youth Empowerement
  • Intergrate marginalized communities into mainstream

Human Capital Development

  • Social Progression
  • Basic Education
  • Technical/Vocational Education and Training

Environment and Climate Change

  • Strengthen Environmental protection
  • Promote environmentally sound investments and production systems.


Economic Progression:

Achieve, sustainable and equitable growth

  • Rural Economic Development
  • Enterprise Development