Feral Horses of the South

Feral Horses of the South

Project  Overview:

A small group of people with narrow vested interests in the horses on the plains around Garub near Aus, on the eastern edge of the southern Namib Desert, have been promoting the protection of these animals at the expense of the indigenous wildlife that the park was proclaimed to protect. This came to a head when spotted hyaenas started to prey on the horses. This interest group, through the use of social and other media, have stirred up emotions and the sentiments of well-meaning members of the public based on a misrepresentation of the significance of the horses to local and national tourism. They set up a false dichotomy – horses or hyaenas.


  • Upgraded boreholes for the wild horses
  • Worked with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism for the preservation of the horses survival intervention


The pillars of the NDP5 which applies to this project under the Social Progression pillars – Harnessing the Demographic Dividends

Social Development

  • Youth Empowerement
  • Intergrate marginalized communities into mainstream

Human Capital Development

  • Social Progression
  • Basic Education
  • Technical/Vocational Education and Training

Environment and Climate Change

  • Strengthen Environmental protection
  • Promote environmentally sound investments and production systems.


Economic Progression:

Achieve, sustainable and equitable growth

  • Rural Economic Development
  • Enterprise Development