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We support the causes of education, health, community care, environment, arts and culture, and sports. As a living mechanism of change and adaptation, the Pupkewitz Foundation addresses the changing demands of Namibian society, which largely parallel those of the larger global community. Currently, we are encouraged by our Trustees to imagine a world where we can scale investments for impact.

We fund programmes to improve systems and advance equitable policies nationwide. We use an array of flexible grantmaking and social investment tools, including general operating support, project grants, and planning grants.

Grant Programmes

Our Srategies

How We Apply the Work

Our approach to funding is built on research and to work  with organizations that have the right combination of deep experience and bold thinking in our funding focus areas.

It is important for businesses to recognize that we play a broader role in the communities in which we live and work beyond what we deliver through our core business activities. The private sector is listed as one of the four enablers to achieve the goals set out, the other three being Government, Labour, and Civil Society. The private sector is appealed to achieve the cherished values of people-centred economic development, good governance and partnerships. 


Grants or investments are awarded in a cohort model, often with common activities, a shared learning goal and/or convening opportunities.

COVID-19 Rresponse

This year, the foundation pivoted to help stabilize our partners and respond to the global pandemic, mitigating its impact in towns.

How We Invest

Partnerships with Government and reputable non-profit organizations whose development goals are aimed at viable, innovative and sustainable solutions to national priorities.

Learning & Evaluation

We are committed to strategic learning and knowledge sharing that advance our mission and the fields in which we work.